5 EFFECTIVE ways to break your phone addiction

Phone addiction is a common problem that most of us face in this age of technological advancements. Try these 5 ways to overcome your addiction and to live your life off the screen.
5 EFFECTIVE ways to break your phone addiction
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Whenever you are trying to focus on something or trying your best to complete an important task, there is this constant digital distraction around you, your smartphone. You have this urge to check it very frequently and stay updated with the world. Although you pick it up intending to just check your messages for a minute, you end up spending an hour scrolling through social media or indulging in online shopping.

While most people claim to have their habit of checking their phone under control, they unconsciously are addicted to their phone as they are unable to put it down once they pick it up. Here are 5 ways to combat your addiction to your phone.

Turn off the notifications

The most distracting thing when you are in the middle of an important task is when your phone buzzes and you can’t help but be curious about the notification and before you know it, you end up checking the social media for hours. So turn off your notifications and change the settings to activate them only when you open the app.

Use apps

It may seem ironic that to stay away from your phone, you are using your phone! But there are many apps available that will help you keep your screen time in check and limit your phone usage.

Do nothing

Whenever you are free, the first thing you do is check your phone. Develop the habit of sitting idle and doing nothing in your free time to give your mind and body a break.

Don’t keep it near the bed

While charging your phone, don’t keep it near your bed or anywhere where it is easily accessible to deliberately take some time off from your device.

Remove the distracting apps 

Many apps compel you to waste your time on them! Keep these on the second or third screen instead of the home screen of your phone to avoid getting distracted from them.

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