5 Famous Indian dance forms and their state of origin

Many classical dance forms in India are popular even today. Have a look at 5 such popular Indian dance forms that are widely performed to date and their state of origin.
5 Famous Indian dance forms and their state of origin 5 Famous Indian dance forms and their state of origin
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India is known for its rich heritage and culture. It is colourful, vibrant, and festive. Indian states have different languages, culture, food, and traditions. Similarly, when it comes to dancing, India different forms of dance have originated in India, from Kuchipudi and Kathak to Bharatnatyam and Kathakali.

Every classical dance form has a different purpose and message. Each form has different kinds of movements and expressions involved. So we have for you 5 such famous Indian dance forms and the state that they belong to.


The word Kathak comes from the word Katha which means “to tell a story”. This dance form thus involves storytelling through body movements and facial expressions. Kathak involves a lot of footwork and originates from the state of Uttar Pradesh. 


Originating from Kerala, Kathakali is characterized by dramatic makeup and elaborate costumes. The dancer wears a heavy headdress and portrays various mythological roles. In this dance form, expressions, hand gestures, and body movements play an important role.


Odissi as the name suggests originates from the state of Odisha. This dance form involves movements like stamping of the foot and striking sculptural poses. Mudras are very important and crucial in this dance form. Odissi is considered as one of the oldest dance forms of India which are surviving till today.


This dance form originates from Andhra Pradesh. Earlier, it used to be mainly performed by male dancers, but now female dancers too perform this dance form. This dance form includes brisk and controlled movements and is based on themes of spirituality and mythology. 


Bharatnatyam originates from Tamil Nadu. This dance form focuses on hand gestures, leg movement, and facial expressions. It is also known as the fire dance and is the most popular and widely performed of all the classical Indian dance styles.

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