5 FASCINATING reasons why people make New Year’s resolutions

Updated on Dec 23, 2020 04:40 AM IST  |  756.8K
5 FASCINATING reasons why people make New Year’s resolutions
5 FASCINATING reasons why people make New Year’s resolutions

A New Year marks the beginning of a new phase. A new calendar that psychs you to improve ourselves and change your past habits. You feel the need to make a fresh start and forget the last year. It compels you to be the best version of yourself. 

A New Year’s resolution is a promise you make yourself to improve your life and work towards achieving a personal goal. Be it losing weight, quitting a bad habit or landing your dream job. Here are 5 reasons that compel people to make a resolution every New Years.


The beginning of a new year gives you a clean slate. You feel capable of leaving the past behind and focusing on the present. It’s almost as if you get a second chance to improve their life.

A fresh year drives you. It makes you feel active and dedicated. You feel hopeful and determined to set things right in a new year.

Mentally, it’s easy to convince yourself to start afresh from New Years. A New Year is a natural time for you to reflect and assess your life. You can look at what you have achieved in the past year in retrospect and accordingly make a resolution for the upcoming one.

Making a resolution represents the desire to make a positive change in your life. Although most people are unable to stick to their New Year resolution, it still provides them with the satisfaction of being a step closer towards their goal and working towards it.


It sets forth a goal for the whole year. A New Year resolution guides you throughout the year and helps you achieve perspective on things when you feel lost or confused.

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