5 Foods to boost your child's immunity during winter

Winters are crucial for kids as this is when children are most prone to catching a cold, common flu or a virus. To prevent your kids from catching a virus, here are top 5 foods to eat during winters to boost immunity.

Updated on Dec 14, 2020 02:45 AM IST  |  975.4K
5 Foods to boost your child's immunity during winter
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At the onset of winters, it is crucial that we take utmost care of ourselves and our children in order to fight the cold and prevent ourselves from catching a virus. Seasonal changes mean there are changes in your wardrobe, food intake and exercises. 

To begin with, boosting immunity during winters is the most important thing to do if you want to survive the harsh weather conditions. Kids develop their immunity at a younger age and the cold weather makes them susceptible to catching a virus and throat infections. 

Here are 5 foods your kids can eat to boost immunity during winters to fight the cold.

Citrus fruits


Cirtrus fruits that are packed with vitamin C and minerals like oranges are the most essential. The best ones to include in your diet are guava, papaya, kiwi and oranges.


Nuts are power packed with nutrients and vitamins that are extremely beneficial to boost your overall health. They provide energy and immunity to fight diseases. 

Indian spices


Mixing Indian spices like turmeric, garlic, ginger in your daily beverage is essential. It gives your kids warmth and boosts their immunity. Turmeric also has anti bacterial properties and keeps all the diseases at bay.

Dairy products

Poultry and dairy products like eggs, cheese, and ghee are extremely important to survive the cold. They provide warmth and essential amino acids that are essential to boost immunity.


Soybeans and kidney beans are beneficial for your overall health as they are packed with protein and minerals. Kids who follow a vegetarian diet, these foods can be extremely beneficial.

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