5 Foods to include in your diet for your baby’s hair growth during pregnancy

It is said that what you eat during the nine months of pregnancy decides your baby’s health. One of the most important aspects of getting the right nutrition in your body also affects your baby’s hair growth. Here are 5 foods to eat for your baby’s hair.
avocado 5 Foods to include in your diet for your baby’s hair growth during pregnancy
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A baby’s hair starts growing in the womb during 14th and 15th week of pregnancy and this phenomenon occurs in two cycles. Shedding and then regrowing. There are no new follicles that appear after the birth of the child. Since hair too needs nutrients for it to grow properly, your body should have sufficient nutrients for the same. It is not only important for the baby’s hair, but also for overall health and optimum development. 

If you wish for your baby to have thick and strong hair, you need to consume certain foods in your diet regularly. Since estrogen is responsible for your baby’s hair growth, these are the foods you must include in your diet for proper hair growth of your child during pregnancy.


Consuming eggs during pregnancy is a must. This promotes good health and hair growth in the unborn baby. You can eat eggs as your daily breakfast meal or at night.


Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 and fatty acids that are known to improve hair growth. However, be careful while consuming fish during pregnancy as not all types of fish are safe to consume. Consult with your nutritionist or gynaecologist before consuming fish during pregnancy.


Along with having multiple health benefits, nuts are to be highly recommended for pregnant women. They are packed with nutrients and are essential to provide essential vitamins for baby’s hair. 


This exotic fruit is loaded with vitamins B and E that are essential for having healthy hair. It not only promotes the baby’s hair growth but also helps in recovering hair loss after pregnancy in women. Have an adequate amount of avocado in your diet and wait for the results.

Sweet potatoes

These are considered as superfoods, extremely health beneficial and a good option to consider for baby’s hair growth. It includes Beta-carotene that contains Vitamin A which is profoundly good for promoting healthy hair in babies.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Drinking of coconuts can also make the baby hair to grow faster