5 Fun games to play with your cat to make workout sessions interesting

Cats need regular exercises for an active life. So, you can make their workout sessions fun and easy with these interesting games.
5 Fun games to play with your cat to make workout sessions interesting
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Like dogs, cats also need regular activity to have healthy growth. You need to have a regular workout routine to provide mental stimulation. But that doesn’t need to be regular exercises. You can make this session fun with your furry friend by playing some fun games with him.

There will be a strong connection between you and your cat in this way. So, now make workout sessions interesting with these fun games for your cats. Read below to know more.

Fun games to play with cats:

Crumpled paper

Just crumple up a piece of paper and roll it across the floor. Your cat will keep chasing it. You can also tie it with a yawn to put it in different directions to make confuse your cat.

Play with string

Just take a piece of wool and drag it across the floor and watch your cat following it to catch it. But make sure to keep the string in a separate place so that your cat cannot swallow it.

Feather and string

Tie a feather at the end of a string and entice your cat by putting it in front of him. When he or she tries to get it, pull it away.

Ping pong ball

Ping pong balls are fun to play with. Bounce the ball against the wall and your cat will try to catch it.

Rotate toys

If your cat has many toys bought from the store, then rotate them for your furry friend. For one week, make them play with any two types of toys and in another week, change the toys with different ones.

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