5 Games to play with your family this festive season

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5 Games to play with your family this festive season

It’s the festive season, and while this time we can’t go out on dinners or trips, we can celebrate the festive holidays the old-school way. We can play games with our family members. There is no better way to connect with our family and have some fun without sitting in front of a screen.

Playing games is an easy way to jog your mind a bit, and have fun while making clever strategies and a plan to win the game. There are, of course, the all-time favourites that bring out the child in us like Ludo and Chess. But, now the list of games is endless. So, here are some of the most fun games to play with your family this festive season.

Snakes and Ladders

This one’s just like ludo is an ever-favourite game. We have all played it and just when we thought we were winning, we would be bit by the longest snake at 99 and would have to start from the very bottom.


Scrabble is like the elitist game possible. You have to really think hard and must have excellent language skills to win this game.


A very easy to grasp game, this one is an oldie but goodie. Set the rules for every line and house-full and give different prizes for different categories.


This one’s the best possible game to play on a relaxed afternoon. Just remember to put some powder before playing and keep your eye on the queen to win the game. 

Dumb Charades

An incredibly fun and addictive game, this game doesn’t require anything. Just some good acting skills and vast knowledge of films.

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