5 Health and safety tips to keep your indoor feline protected

Cats are born to go outside for their hunting instinct. But if you have an indoor feline then take help from these tips to keep your furry friend safe and healthy.
5 Health and safety tips to keep your indoor feline protected5 Health and safety tips to keep your indoor feline protected
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Cats are born hunters and are always curious about everything. They also get bored easily. So cat owners need to put extra efforts to keep them healthy and entertained, especially when they are indoor cats.

You have to make sure that your indoor cat loves to be in the house and enjoy every moment with you. You have to keep them busy in regular activities as well. So, here are some tips to take care of your indoor cat properly.

Health and safety tips for indoor cats:

Keep their life interesting

Indoor cats need to be busy in different activities to satisfy their hunting instinct. You need to arrange for different interactive plans to keep them active. Otherwise, boredom will give your feline obesity and stress-related disorders. If you have more than one cat, then they will help each other to stay occupied.

Separate place for them

Cats need their own space, so try to have one separate corner in your home which your cat will consider as their own space with food, water, bed, toys and litter box. Don’t put the litter box in a dark or noisy area, your cat may stop using them. And keep food and water away from it.

Feeding your feline

A healthy diet routine is a must for your cats which will typically be two meals in a day by keeping 8 to 12 hours of gap. Always talk to the vet before deciding their diet. And never leave the bowl with food because this causes obesity in your furry friend allowing them to eat from it whenever they want. If your cat pesters for food when you are eating, never encourage that. Certain human foods like onions, nuts, garlic, raisins, chocolates, etc. are hard for them to digest.

Collar with name

Though you have an indoor cat, felines are the master of escaping. Put a collar around their neck with their name and your contact number, so that they won’t get lost.

For scratching

To keep your furniture safe from their scratching, have some scratching posts and cardboards in your home for your cats to scratch on them.

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