5 Healthy and nutrition tips for your kids this winter

To maintain your kid’s health during all seasons, it is essential to follow a regime that includes health pertaining tips of that particular season. For your kids to beat the cold during winter and survive the harsh weather, here are some essential tips for your ids to follow.
5 Healthy and nutrition tips for your kids this winter
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Keeping warm during winter is essential for yourself and for your kids. When the temperature drops and the air becomes freezing cold, it is difficult for your kids to remain active and endure the extreme weather conditions. Winter is a time when your kids are vulnerable and exposed to catching a deadly virus or the command cold known as the flu. Hence, it is important to strictly follow a healthy and nutritious regime to survive the cold.

Winter is the time when your children need extra attention and focus on getting the right amount of nutrition in them. Changes in the season mean changes in human body cycle relating to sleep, food and exercise. If you are concerned about your child’s health during winter, here are some tips to follow for an easy going winter process for your children.

Sweet potatoes

Adding sweet potatoes to your kid’s diet has proven to be miraculous for a strong and healthy child. This food is packed with vitamin A and it can be added to all kinds of recipes and dishes. 

Drink hot water

Drinking hot water can immediately kill all the bacterias in your mouth, throat or your stomach. It also keeps your child hydrated during winter.

Citrus fruits

Eating citrus fruits that are loaded with vitamin c is extremely essential for your child. Include fruits like oranges, kiwi, guavas and pomegranates in their diet.

Layering with thermals

Make sure you have ample of thermals and innerwear for your child. Layering during winter is a smart decision for winter dressing. It will keep your kids warm and cosy.

Winter squash

Butternut squash is packed with vitamin A, it is essential to promote the overall well being of your child. Squashes are extremely beneficial for health and they taste good, so your child won’t be fussy easting them.

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