5 Healthy and nutrition tips for breastfeeding moms

Breastfeeding moms are always looking for ways to increase the milk supply in order to provide nutrients to their babies and build their immune system. These are the 5 nutritious tips for mothers for a healthy breastfeeding experience.
5 Healthy and nutrition tips for breastfeeding moms
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Being a mother to a newborn child comes with many responsibilities and challenges. The excruciating nine months of pregnancy are finally over but being a mother is not easy. It is all about knowing the right lifestyle changes to bring in once a child is born. Mothers need to take extra care of their food intake and lifestyle habits once their baby is born in order to give them a healthy and happy environment to grow into. 

Once a baby is born, it depends on the mother’s milk for all the nourishment and health improvement. Breastfeeding is the only way to provide all the nutrients essential for a baby’s growth. It also creates a special bond between the mother and her child. Hence, it is important to not overlook this process and make sure you do it the right way, keeping the important tips in mind. These are the 5 nutritional hacks for a breastfeeding mother.

Avoid aerated drinks

A healthier option to stay hydrated is by switching to fresh juices, water, coconut water, buttermilk and lime juice. Avoid alcohol consumption or drinking aerated water.

Dairy products

Intake of milk and dairy products like ghee and yoghurt is essential for all mothers post-delivery. This will increase calcium in mothers and increase the milk supply. Oatmeal is also an essential food to increase the milk supply in mothers.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is highly important as it is essential to stay hydrated for a regular supply of milk. It is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. 

Increase your food intake

Get as many nutrients, mineral and vitamins in your body as it needs the energy to provide milk to your baby. Foods like nuts, seeds, avocados are best for fats. Fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread are good for carbohydrates. For protein, it is best to include fish, seafood, chicken, eggs and lentils in your diet.


Garlic can be an essential ingredient in your meals as it is said to increase milk supply.

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