5 home remedies to naturally keep your teeth white

Did you know dental whitening is possible at home? Read more about these natural products to maintain the glow on your face.
5 home remedies to naturally keep your teeth white5 home remedies to naturally keep your teeth white
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Do you wish for a gleaming smile on your face? Maintaining a white glow on your teeth is the first step. However, tooth whiteners are not only expensive but they also contain harmful chemicals such as artificial flavours, plastic polymers, alcohol and hydrated silica. Instead of using chemical products, there are many effective ways to naturally whiten your teeth at home.

Wondering what to do? Here are five home remedies to help keep your teeth white and brighten your smile.

Baking Soda

A popular ingredient in toothpaste, baking soda has whitening properties. It creates an alkaline environment in your mouth to prevent bacteria from growing. Baking soda does not work immediately, but over time, you will notice the difference of the mild abrasive that scrubs off stains.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is an effective disinfectant and natural cleaning product. Acetic acid present in it fights off bacteria and helps keep teeth clean and white. Dilute it with two-thirds of water and rinse your mouth.

Fruit Peels

Strawberry, banana and pineapple are popular fruits that can help whiten teeth. Many celebrities use strawberry and baking soda mixture as a natural remedy to keep stains at bay.

Turmeric Powder Paste

The natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make it an ideal choice for dental care. Mix a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder and some water in a dish. Use a soft toothbrush to apply it all over and remove the surface stains.

Coconut Oil Pulling

An ancient technique that removes plaque and bacteria, oil pulling is an effective method to keep your teeth white. Take a teaspoon of coconut oil and swirl it all around your mouth for around 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it well and apply baking soda with a toothbrush.

Brush your teeth twice a day. Take care there is no gum decay or the presence of bacteria in your mouth. Fluoride toothpaste can help reverse tooth decay and is beneficial for the teeth. But remember that a tiny bit of yellowing is natural. Do not overuse these products to bleach and harm your teeth.

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