5 Lesser known and ASTONISHING facts about Aquarius

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5 Lesser known and ASTONISHING facts about Aquarius

Zodiac signs can tell a lot about someone’s personality. They are a window to their soul. They help you understand people by specifying their traits, likes and dislikes. People born between January 20 and February 18, belong to the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarians are independent, progressive and revolutionary. They are confident and unique individuals.

They believe in being non-conformists and appreciate originality and freedom. They do not live life in the conventional sense and are always unorthodox and different in their thinking. Here are 5 more interesting facts about this zodiac sign.

Aquarians are not very good liars. They cannot for the life of them, lie convincingly. At times, they might feel that it is better to lie than, to tell the truth, but due to their inability to lie perfectly, they tend to say nothing at all. 

They are very creative and unconventional in their ways of thinking. They always think out of the box and do not like done-to-death ideas or any kind of restrictions. They want to be free and independent in their approach.

Aquarius are confused when it comes to their emotions and feelings. They often fail to achieve clarity. They end up suppressing their emotions and can feel burdened by such suppression. They, therefore, tend to have a whole lot of pent-up emotions that sometimes result in an emotional outburst.


With Aquarians being incredibly creative, they want to be around the same kind of people. People who share their nonconformism and who do not feel afraid of taking the untrodden path. They need people who can help them evolve and be the best version of themselves.


They have a rebellious streak in them. Aquarians hate to do the expected and believe that rules are meant to be broken. They are curious and blunt and will not shy away from questioning the orthodox ways. 

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Anonymous : Aquarians are actually really nice.
REPLY 5 2 months ago
Anonymous : Very spot on article-can't lie for sh*t so don't bother, not interested in doing things as they've always been done or traditionally-life long learner/curiosity that wants to know about it all, values unique humans while emotionally deficient
REPLY 3 6 months ago
Anonymous : I'm a virgo that's surrounded by Aquarians, Scorpios and Aries,,,dad, mom, brother, sisters, cousins, grandparents...you get it. I know the Aquarians better than the back of my hand. Lawd have mercy. Aquarians are totally misunderstood, because they are devious, mean, underhanded, liers, and the list goes on. They love to act innocent, yet, they cause drama and sit back and enjoy the show.
REPLY 2 6 months ago
Anonymous : I'm an aquarius that's surrounded by virgos ...i tried too hard to understand virgos but y'all critic a lot ...take it easy what is wrong with you ...and also if you are surrounded buy aquarians i can tell you that aquarius people don't feel comfortable arround virgos they just so negative and annoying and that energy coming from them TOXIC ...so aquarius get really mad and sad when virgos criticizes and pretends that he is the best and never showes its real face ...so y'all deserve that IF YOU ARE THE TYPE OF VIRGO I'm TALKING ABOUT *for the readers exept who wrote this comment*
REPLY 4 5 months ago
Anonymous : Those who have negative comments are unhappy and projecting.
REPLY 9 6 months ago
Anonymous : My husband is an Aquarius and he is the most orthodox person I have met in my life and he is a compulsive liar.
REPLY 1 6 months ago
Anonymous : We never think we are above ourselves, most of the time we see the problem before it even arises and we offer a solution and because our solution is a bit wacky or too blunt. People shut us down. So we sit back and watch the fun. We are weird like that. But we always make sure when the crap hits the fan, we are never a part of the blame game, we distanced ourselves in everyone's eyesight a whole week before lol lol lol
REPLY 26 6 months ago
Anonymous : Where's the like button....
REPLY 4 6 months ago
Anonymous : Nobody is perfect ,but aquarians have one more quality they don't judge others,like some people do here in comments
REPLY 36 6 months ago
Anonymous : condescending jerks who are actually quite mean & selfish but act like they are perfect, they are not
REPLY 4 6 months ago
Anonymous : blah blah pseudo intellectuals who think no end of themselves, they think they are above & better than everyone around them
REPLY 2 6 months ago
Anonymous : That's so not true
REPLY 3 6 months ago
Anonymous : that's false
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : True enough.
REPLY 14 6 months ago