5 Mindful ways to enjoy work from home

Due to the current sensitive situation, most of us are working from home. But work from home can be quite disturbing sometimes, as we might get distracted easily and start to feel low about ourselves. So, psychologist Garima Juneja shares 5 mindful ways for enjoying your work from home.
Work From Home Tips 5 Mindful ways to enjoy work from home
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Have you ever felt an emptiness arising out of working and not getting the feel of happiness from it? Then, this is the time you incorporate mindful productivity into your life. Mindfulness productivity is the ability to be fully aware of the present moment and the ability to be in sync with inner feelings and emotions. So, Garima Juneja, Psychologist, founder of Lightroom Therapy and Counselling, talks about 5 mindful ways to work from home.

Kick start your day on a good note

We all like to dive directly into the pool of our phone into social media waking up every morning letting ourselves drench in the excessive useless information. This clutters our minds and makes us anxious or sad or cranky. This is certainly not a good way to start our day. On the contrary, the first thing you need to be doing is writing in your journal for 5-7 mins as your subconscious mind is still open. Pouring those maddening and confusing thoughts on a piece of paper rejuvenates the senses and helps you to kickstart your day with a clear and open mind.

Create a Mindful workspace

External environment clearly has a significant impact on setting the tone for our internal well-being. Creating a clean workspace undoubtedly works wonders for internal calmness. Surrounding your workspace with paintings or pictures of nature, Buddha statue, essential oils, or candles not only enthuse life in your workspace, but have soothing and a calming effect on your senses, thereby increasing your focus on work.

One thing at a time

In a research it has been seen that on average, a person is glued to his or her thoughts 47 percent of the time, and multitasking keeps you stuck over there. On the contrary, concentrating on one thing or task at a time is always more beneficial. It improves your work quality and keeps you away from overthinking.     

Go slow

The easiest way to inculcate mindfulness in daily life is to go slow. Eat slow, work slow, listen attentively. Doing everything slowly provides the edge of micromanagement and increases proficiency. And most importantly, working in a slow pace makes you enjoy every moment of work and life.

Love yourself

Shower yourself with love. Meditate and work out daily. These will help in the release of endorphins which is a hormone responsible for your happiness. Spend time with your loved ones. Take breaks as they enthuse you with fresh energy to bounce back. Resting at the end of the day is pivotal. Fill in the gratitude and accomplishment journal. Pat yourself on your back, give yourself that pep talk.

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