5 Most energetic dog breeds to have as pets for active people

If you are looking for an energetic dog to stay active, here are some of the breeds which are super playful, smart and full of energy. But they need regular mental and physical exercises for their fitness. Check out them below.

Updated on May 14, 2020 12:05 PM IST  |  4.4M
5 Most energetic dog breeds to have as pets for active people
5 Most energetic dog breeds to have as pets for active people
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If you are always super active and need an energetic dog as a pet then this is for you. There are some dog breeds who are always super energetic and playful. They need a lot of mental and physical exercises to keep them healthy. They may also experience behavioural changes if not stimulated properly. These dogs needed to be taken outside for different activities. So, nurturing them is also beneficial for you to stay active.

Along with outdoor activities, these playful dog breeds can also help you in household chores. They are intelligent, caring and protective towards their family and owners. They are also considered to be helpful for having emotional support. So, if you are planning to have an energetic dog breed as a pet then read on to know the types below.

Energetic dogs to have as pets:

Yorkshire Terrier

This dog is super playful and always energetic. They are mischievous, full of energy and always find something adventurous. Be it a normal walk or jumping, they need playtime and exercise on a daily basis.


Shiba Inu

This dog breed possesses a bold personality. They are also very stubborn and highly energetic. So, they need to be socialized from an early age to control their attitude.


Shetland sheepdog

This breed used to be the guard dogs of the farmers of Shetland Islands of Scotland. They used to protect crops from the birds and sheep. They can be a very good family dog, who is extremely energetic and they need a lot of space for running.


Welsh Corgi

This breed is good for new dog owners and family with kids because Welsh Corgis are easy to train. They are super energetic, smart and intelligent dogs. This breed needs a healthy amount of exercises every day.


Siberian husky

Huskies seem to be very calm, but they are extremely energetic which can sometimes border destructive. So, they need 30 to 60 minutes of healthy exercises every day to prevent this thing.


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