5 MOST IMPORTANT tips to keep in mind while dealing with rebellious kids

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5 MOST IMPORTANT tips to keep in mind while dealing with rebellious kids

Having a child who throws tantrums and creates fuss is not unusual, it is in their DNA. Similarly, your child can at one point show defiant behaviour. They may deliberately do the opposite of what’s been told. At such times, it can be hard to tackle such behaviour. Especially, when you do not know what caused it. 

It is a normal part of their development and is a common problem most parents face. There are some ways to deal with such behaviour and tackle the sudden streak of rebellion in your children.

Figure out the cause

The first step should be to figure out the root of such behaviour. Try to talk to them and discuss their behaviour and try to find out what’s causing it.

Control your temper

It can be quite easy for you to lose it at some point. Control your anger at such moments as it will only worsen the situation. Be patient and deal with it in a composed manner.

Try and compromise

Find a middle path. Try compromising and choosing something in between what you want and what they want. Adopting a golden middle path will prevent any arguments and differences of opinion.

Be a friend, not a dictator

Befriend your child and avoid being too strict or rigid with them. Keep talking to them like a friend and see what’s bothering them and correct your behaviour too.

Don’t nag them too much

Observe if the reason for such behaviour is your constant nagging. Don’t shout at them and remind them again and again to clean their room. Gently tell them one thing at a time and wait for them to complete it before giving them another set of instructions.

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