5 Most popular cat breeds with big and attractive eyes

Are you looking for a cat with large eyes? Then here are some cat breeds right below which are widely popular for their bright peepers.
5 Most popular cat breeds with big and attractive eyes 5 Most popular cat breeds with big and attractive eyes
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Cats are really great to have as pets. They are cute and little and some are easy-going with other pets as well. There are some common cat breeds which we like to have as pets at our home. Apart from them, there are some unique ones as well. They are extraordinary with their striking features. And when it comes to features, then eyes will always come n the first place.


Are you also looking for a cat with unique features? Then this is for you. Here, we have jotted down some popular and rare cat breeds with big and attractive eyes. Their features make them unique and they look gorgeous with them. Read on to know about them right below.


Popular cat breeds with big eyes.


Devon Rex

This breed is similar to Cornish Rex and they are popular for their curly coat of hair. They have oval-shaped eyes which makes them distinct from others. And their large triangular ears with big eyes demand a lot of attention.




Originated in the streets of Singapore, this breed is widely known for its large expressive eyes. They are extremely affectionate and playful as well.




Persians look exotic with their bright blue peepers on the white fluffy coat of hair. Copper coloured eyes are popular among them.



Scottish Fold

This cat is mostly popular for its different ears. But their large round eyes cannot be missed which complement their ears well to make them look extremely cute.



British Shorthair

With their round, large and well-opened eyes, British Shorthair catches everyone’s attention. Most common eye colours of this breed are green, blue and copper.


Anonymous 1 year ago

Let’s not forget the Abyssinian! IMG_3208.jpg

Anonymous 1 year ago

The Abysinnian is the greatest cat of all times L

Anonymous 1 year ago

Yep ! I had one and it’s the greatest cat everrrr. Looks like a mini mountain lion. And soooo smart !