5 Qualities that will make a Gemini woman fall for you

Getting to know a Gemini woman may seem intimidating. Here is what impresses a Gemini female the most as per astrology.
gemini woman 5 Ways to impress a Gemini woman
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Getting a Gemini woman to fall in love with you is not a difficult task. However, the real challenge begins much later. Keeping a Gemini woman interested in your and holding their attention for long enough to not dump you in the first place is where the problem lies.

Gemini females are full of life, compassion, fun, charming, fashion divas and enthusiastic about anything and everything. They love variety, new ideas and last minute spontaneous plans. Here are 5 qualities that will certainly charm a Gemini woman. 

Make her laugh

The most important is to make her laugh. That doesn’t mean you have to be a clown and pass on jokes every now and then. Someone with a great sense of humour and sarcastic nature is what attracts a Gemini woman. 


If chivalry doesn’t exist, you no longer exist for them. They are all about chivalry and manners. Be a gentleman and show the lady that you respect them and others. Respect is very important for them.

Flirting skills

It is essential to be a good flirt and a good conversationalist for a Gemini woman. Flirting skills should be top-notch and you shouldn’t make it too obvious. Good flirt to roast ratio with genuine come back lines will highly impress them. 

Show your creative side

Make sure you let her know that you are not all about laughing and flirting. There’s more to it. Show her your creative and passionate side, be unique and charismatic. This will keep her invested in you for a longer time and make her curious.

Always ready for an adventure

At last, make sure you are always ready to go on an adventure. Life is all about having fun for them and they prefer someone who is focused more on the present and isn’t a spoil sport.

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