5 Reasons for excessive barking in dogs; Here's how to stop them

Dogs communicate through barking, but excess barking is not normal. So, read below to know why they bark continuously and stop the excess barking in your dogs.

Updated on Sep 25, 2020 11:34 AM IST  |  1.7M
5 Reasons for excessive barking in dogs; Here's how to stop them
5 Reasons for excessive barking in dogs; Here's how to stop them
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You should not expect for your dog to remain quiet. They will bark when they feel like barking. But excess barking is not normal in dogs and there must be a reason behind their abnormal barking. When you can notice that your pet dog is barking excessively, it is better to consult a pet doctor.

Barking is a vocal communication that dogs use and it has a different meaning depending on the situation. It can be a warning, boredom, greeting, attention-seeking anything. Find out more about your dog’s excess barking.

Why dogs bark sometimes excessively?

Reasons for excess barking

These are the possible reasons for excessive barking in dogs:

Protectiveness: When a person or an animal comes into an area which your dog considers his territory, then he'll start to bark excessively. The more a stranger comes closer, his barking gets louder. In this case, limit what your dog sees. Limit his access to doors, windows.

Fear: Dogs can also bark at any noise or an object that catches their attention. They do it out of fear.

Boredom: When dogs are left alone in the house for a long period, they bark excessively out of boredom as they are unhappy. This is also connected to separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety can also bark excessively as they are left alone.


Greeting: Dogs also bark to greet other people or an animal. This is usually happy barking. Teach them to stand on a specific spot when the bell rings so that they can see the entrance, but cannot go near it.

Attention seeking: Excessive barking can also take place when your dog wants something from you like a treat, a walk, for playing, etc. And so, they do it to get your attention.

How to stop excessive barking?

1.When you are trying to stop your dog’s excess barking, be calm and talk to them with a soft tone. Don’t yell at all because that will stimulate your dog to bark more as they think you are joining them.

2.When you yell at them, dogs don’t understand what you want. So, make them understand the word “quiet”.


3.A tired dog is a quiet dog. So, when you are about to leave them alone at home, play with them or take them for a walk. They will get tired and be quiet and you can then leave them at the house.

4.If you don’t control your dog’s nonstop barking, then they will get habituated to it. It gives an adrenaline rush to dogs which makes them excited when an anonymous person arrives at the door and they start barking. So, control the barking in the first place.

5.Excessive barking can also be the cause of certain medical issues like brain disease. So, consult the vet immediately if you cannot stop the barking even after trying many times.


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