5 Reasons why the joy of getting another baby home is incredible

As the star couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan is expecting their second child, let's learn why having a second baby is amazing for you as well as for your little one.
Kareena Kapoor Khan,Second Baby 5 Reasons why the joy of getting another baby home is incredible
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Ever since the star couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan broke the news about expecting their second child, the Nawabi couple has been flooded with best wishes from friends and family. However, most women still feel hesitant when thinking about having a second child as taking care of a child is not an easy task.

The arrival of your first born changed your entire universe. Now that you are used to your little one’s routine, are you planning to bring a sibling for them? Well, that is absolutely an amazing idea. Let us help you to know why having a second child is important.

1. You Know What’s Coming
Everything was super new when you were pregnant the first time and you had no idea about what to expect. Second pregnancies are slightly easier and quicker than the first one because now you have previous experience as to what is about to come and how to tackle that.

2. Sharing Is Caring
One of the best benefits of having a second baby is that your children learn the importance of sharing and caring. With two children growing up in the same house, it would be easier to teach them to share their clothes, chocolates, toys and books.

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3. Recycled Clothes and Toys
When you shop for baby clothes, toys and baby accessories with a lot of love and thought, you never have the heart to donate or throw them away. When your first born outgrows all these things, the arrival of a second child guarantees that all these things are put to use again.

4. Always A Helping Hand
A single child always faces the problem of feeling lonely. With the arrival of a second child, you would never have to face this problem as the second born would always be a near and dear friend to your first child and vice versa.

5. New Responsibilities
With the arrival of a second child, your first born will become more responsible. As they grow up together, the elder child would become more responsible and help their younger sibling with many things. This would teach both the children to support and learn from each other

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