5 Reasons why self care is important for men

Great social unrest can cause greater chaos. This doesn’t believe in any disparity based on gender, then why should we? Check out the 5 reasons why self-care is as important for men as it is for women.

Updated on Feb 20, 2021 04:46 PM IST  |  820.8K
5 Reasons why self care is important for men
5 Reasons why self care is important for men
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Self-care for men is not yet completely normalised in our patriarchal society, including the ratio of self-care, body care products and brands for women compared to men are always high. Beauty and skincare no longer have to be considered as an entitlement for women.


Why Do We Ignore Self-Care?


Self-care is often neglected in men due to a set of reasons revolving around stereotypical societies that expect men to fit in a masculine box that constrains them to act in a certain way, including the normalcy of masculine aggression. One of the main objectives of self-care is to be more refreshed and give out time for looking after the needs of oneself, men tend to rather not come out like this, which shouldn’t be so! Forwarding to the current scenario, even makeup for men is on its way to standardise as ‘your looks’ in some places and professions do matter! Breaking the myth and assuming self-care, body care and 'makeup as the prerogative of women’ totally needs to be shattered.




The Right Self-Care Routine


Beginning by the areas overlooked at the time of self-care and how not to overlook them?


Set the right routine!


Plan out stuff you always wanted to do but were piled and strained under work all this time. Beginning from your holidays to Weekends! Rather than straining on the thoughts of what to do at work tomorrow. Plan some self-care for yourself.


Physical self-care: choose fun games and sports that you adored as a child. Make out time to play your favourite sport every weekend or next. The effective fun body moment and sports can serve you both physically and mentally.


Psychological self-care: After a healthy body only a right and sane mindset can keep you going, rediscover the foregone list of your to be watched or rewatch movies. Take time out for your most preferred football or cricket matches if you haven’t yet.




Body-care: How much effort have you actually been putting on your body? If you have yet not realized then start noticing now! What do you do to take care of your body?


Drink more water, try out yoga, take 5-10 minutes for decompressing the day, deep breathe and meditate, exfoliate and use the right skin care product, because the right skincare and body care routine decides your mood for the day.


How To Choose The Right Product?


Adapting the care for oneself is also to pick the right product for your skincare regime, let go of the chemicals you have used on your body, switch to products enriched with natural ingredients, Ayurveda that serves your skin with its ethical purpose without damaging it, infused with exemplary fragrances be your aromatherapy at home, use light and gentle product on your skin, let Ayurveda take care of your skin naturally.


About the author: Karan Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Qraa Men


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