5 Reasons why you should encourage your kids to be independent

The importance of teaching your kids independence and self-reliance at a young age is the guide to the right kind of parenting. It is time for you to take a step back and make your kids learn and grow, make mistakes and heal by themselves. Here are the 5 reasons why your kids need to start being independent.

Updated on Nov 29, 2020 05:27 PM IST  |  914.8K
5 Reasons why you should encourage your kids to be independent
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There is not a guide to be the perfect parent and one cannot even be the perfect parent. All we can do is encourage our children to be good and learn from the best. To raise your child in a healthy environment wherein they induce good habits and carry it forward is the only right way of parenting a child. Being independent comes with many challenges and unforeseen circumstances that you navigate through on your own. This makes your child more confident as they have knowledge and experience. 

Doing things for your child and pampering them out of habit is every mother’s dilemma. You want to be there for them and give them comfort but you also don’t want them to take things for granted. If you are stuck in this dilemma, here are 5 reasons why you should encourage your kids to be independent and self-reliant.

It gives them knowledge and experience


Living on your own gives you the experience that you need to survive in life. Their survival instinct depends on how well they can manage by themselves without anybody’s help. It will provide them with the right knowledge and experience to achieve success and live a happy life. 

Helps to build confidence in them 

Confidence is the key to a successful life. By teaching your kid to be independent, they will gain confidence after an adequate amount of time and learn to speak their mind without any hesitation. They will start believing in themselves as they have the key lessons to live on their own and succeed in life without asking for any favours. 

Makes them smart


Navigating through obstacles, and figuring out a way to find solutions to each and every problem will enhance their cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence and their problem solving skills. This will add to their mental development. 

Induces gratefulness

Once your kids start living an independent life with no strings, they will value their roots more and induce the quality of gratefulness by realising the worth of everything. Being grateful is all about thanking the stars for having good shelter, family and food that many of us are not blessed with. 

Makes them resilient

Only by going through failures, you learn to make yourself resilient enough to pass through the darkest storms and yet come out of it alive. Your kids will learn how to be resilient and they will have an optimistic mind and know that each storm shall pass eventually.

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