5 Signs to look out for while identifying a sociopath

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5 Signs to look out for while identifying a sociopath

A sociopath is a person suffering from Anti Social Personality Disorder (ASPD). Such people are unable to empathise with other people or understand their feelings. They are impulsive and erratic in their behaviour and can cause harm to others without feeling guilty about it.


They are controlling in nature and show a lack of regard for others’ feelings or violations of people’s rights. A sociopath is different from a psychopath. While a psychopath is someone who may cause serious harm to others with no remorse, a sociopath may make only minor transgressions without causing any serious harm or distress. Here are 5 signs to look out for while spotting a sociopath.



Lack of empathy


Empathetic people have the ability to be kind to other people, follow rules and form relationships. People who are sociopaths have no empathy, which allows them to hurt others without thinking of the consequences.




Since sociopaths are impulsive and deceitful, they have no regard for rules or boundaries. They do not think twice before breaking rules, cheating people, lying to them or becoming physically aggressive with them. 




Sociopaths can con other people for their benefits or for monetary gain. They are deceitful and can easily lie to or cheat other people without feeling guilty about it. They are also capable of feigning remorse and apology to deceive others. 





While psychopaths are planned and intentional in their moves, sociopaths are impulsive in their approach towards things and are hasty and unplanned with their moves. They are erratic and behave without thinking of the consequences.


Poor interpersonal skills


Since sociopaths are deceitful, impulsive, rule-breakers and erratic in their approach, they are unable to form close relationships with other people. Even if they do, it is usually for their own personal gain.


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