5 Signs that you are being an overly strict mother

When being a parent, it can often be the case when you get carried away and take things a little too far while scolding your kid. Look out for these signs to know if you are being a little too strict with your child.
5 Signs that you are being an overly strict mother
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You want the best for your child and therefore, want to inculcate good values in them and want them to be disciplined. You want them to become confident and independent individuals. To do this, at times, you might have to scold them or be a little strict with them. While scolding them, it is easy to get carried away. You might at times, be a little harsh with your kid unknowingly. 

In such cases, things can take a turn for the worse by your kid turning into a rebellious child.  If you frequently, lose your cool and become too rigid, your kid can end up hating you. So consider these 5 signs to know if you are being too strict a mother with your child. 

You yell at them a lot

You are always yelling at your child and giving out orders. Whether it’s cleaning their room or doing their homework or just about anything, you have developed a habit of nagging your kid. This can stress your kid and can also harm the relationship between you and your kid.

Your kid lies too much

This is a tell-tale sign of you being too strict with them. Your kid lies to you only when they feel that telling the truth to you, will have bad consequences for them. They are simply too scared of you to tell you the truth.

There is no fun time for your kid

If your kid is always following a timetable and rarely has time to play and do things they love, then chances are that you are being too strict with them. While it is important for your kid to study and learn, it is equally important for them to have some free time.

Your kid stops sharing things with you

In an ideal mother-child relationship, your child should be comfortable enough to share things with you. Be it their thoughts, their worries or their fears, they should think of you as their best friend. If they do not share things with you, then that does spell trouble in the relationship.

There are too many rules

Sure, to discipline your kid some rules are necessary. But if there are too many rules that you have set for your child and it hampers your child’s ability to think freely and experiment, then this might be a sign that you are being too rigid with them.

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