5 Signs you have an attention seeking child and how to handle them

Updated on Mar 30, 2021 11:05 PM IST  |  332.8K
5 Signs you have an attention seeking child and how to handle them

Is your child often loud in his behaviour? Do you find your child crying unnecessarily or keeps screaming? Chances are that the child might be doing this to gain your attention. Most of the children crave attention when they are unable to spend some quality time with their parents or unable to communicate or get any reaction from their parents. Children tend to do so as they feel neglected. Thus, this attention-seeking behaviour can strengthen as the days pass. It is the need of the hour to help your children overcome this behaviour.

You can term it as a developmental problem wherein kids just use it frequently as an easy way of communication. As parents, you need to have patience and stop getting annoyed or frustrated.

Here are some of the vital tips for you to help your child calm down the next time when they scream for your attention.

Signs of attention-seeking behaviour:

Being dramatic at home or school

Faking illness just to bet at home and spend some time with you or from preventing you to step out of the house

Trying to portray themselves as a saviour by causing harm to others

Making one parent argue with another over many things like food, studies or activities

Playing the victim card in front of the parents

Problems owing to the attention-seeking behaviour

Your child may feel left out or neglected

They find it difficult to communicate and make friends at school

Follow these vital hacks to tackle attention-seeking behaviour in children:

Don’t reward their bad behaviour: You must ignore their bad behaviour instead of scolding them or locking them up in the room. Try to make the child understand the consequences of it when they calm down. However, be empathetic towards your child.

Try to give them healthy attention: Make sure you spend some quality time with children, read, dance with them, listen to music, play games, cook, and go outdoors. Go on a mini-vacation with them. Make them feel wanted.

Make children adhere to the rules: Write down important things like no screaming, no running away when you call, or no crying loudly and place the instructions in front of their eyes.

Reward them for good deeds: If your child obeys you or helps you out in doing the daily chores then reward the child for his good behaviour. Negative reactions will lead to negative behaviour. Have a positive talk with them.

Give the child freedom: Instead of imposing things on children ask them about their needs. Try and not to be stubborn with children. Doing so can make them throw tantrums at you. Give your child some ‘ME’ time and space. Don’t threaten them for their behaviour thinking that they have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This behaviour is normal in children. Make the child understand and they will apologize.

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