5 Similarities between dogs and humans that prove they are man’s best friend

Dogs have been the best companion for humans for decades now. This canine companionship has proven to be beneficial by many psychologists and scientists. Here are 5 similarities between dogs and humans that tell us why they are man’s best friend
5 Similarities between dogs and humans that prove they are man’s best friend
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Over recent years, the need to have a dog in your house as a pet has increased immensely across the world. The emotional dependency that humans have with dogs has proven to have psychological benefits along with multiple health benefits. The canine companionship that humans look forward to has reduced the symptoms of depression, schizophrenia and improved cardiovascular health. As we closely look at this symbolic relationship, let us undermine the similarities between dogs and humans to judge how important their existence is in your life.

The need for family

Just like humans, dogs need family too and they are often the happiest around people who love them. Humans need family to keep them grounded, dogs need family to be unconditionally loved.

Social animals

Humans are social animals and so are dogs. Dogs cannot survive alone just like humans. No matter how distant or detached we may be at times, but we always come back to our roots, our family and friends to keep us sane and healthy.

Need constant affection

Humans and dogs are both very affectionate and constant attention from time to time. Both crave the human contant like hugs, kisses and cuddles to a sense of assurance and security.

Always learning and inspiring

Sometimes we look at dogs for inspiration too for their selfless needs and giving nature. Dogs are also learning and evolving with time, growing into their mature and older self just like humans do. 

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