5 Simple and easy ways to start your sustainable journey while inside your home

You can start your sustainable journey and do your bit for the environment while staying home. Here are 5 ways to start your journey from the comfort of your home.
ways to start your sustainable journey while inside your home 5 Simple and easy ways to start your sustainable journey while inside your home
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Sustainable livelihood and green living have become a need more than a mere choice now. We are in 2021 and as the world is battered by a deadly global pandemic, we have some deep thinking to do and reflect upon our day-to-day choices. 


While the outcome of the virus is controllable and kept under-checked, we can only imagine how the impact of Climate Change will threaten our existence on this ever-changing Earth. Recent instances of forest fires, glaciers melting, ice caps breaking, and many more disasters are constant reminders of how human activities need to be restrained. 


While the situation is grim, it is never too late to roll up our sleeves and buck up to embrace sustainability and an eco-conscious lifestyle. Just stand up and look around yourself. There are at least 10 things around you that can revamp your transition to a sustainable lifestyle easily. Let's begin the journey from our abode.

5 Simple and easy ways to start your sustainable journey while inside your home:


1. Don’t just manage your time, but also manage your waste:


All the waste that is generated at home requires to be segregated in a proper way to prevent it from generating harmful greenhouse gases like methane or giving rise to diseases.


The household waste must be segregated into Biodegradables, Dry, and Domestic waste before handing it over to the collector. This ensures that waste is recycled in its given manner and the vegetable peels and leftover food is composted. 


2. Switch on to green-living:


There are simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint because don't forget- electricity requires fossil fuel burning. Shifting to renewable energy resources and installing LED bulbs at home can impact the environment as well as your pocket. Since they consume less power, they curb energy usage drastically. 


Switching off wifi-modems, lights and electric appliances when not in use are some of the basic habits that one should begin their journey from. The goal is to buy energy-saving appliances and keeping their carbon footprints low.


3. Live life sustainable size:


Adopting the habits to: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, and Upcycle.


These are not major switches in life. These self-descriptive words are simple steps you can take to advocate sustainable living. 


Reducing consumption, Reusing articles, Recycling materials, Refusing to purchase new items, and Upcycling products to create newer and useful items are the need of an hour.



Simple and stirring changes:


Use stainless steel bottles 

Bamboo toothbrushes

Vegan condoms

Plant-based meat

Menstrual cups

Cloth/Jute bags

Rechargeable batteries


Shopaholic? Be Sustainoholic!


As we sit confined in our homes, online shopping for groceries and necessities comes to the rescue! While we shop from the comforts of our home, don’t only focus on keeping yourself safe, but also think about the planet.


Opt for ‘zero waste/plastic free deliveries’ from online shopping sites and refuse to get your food delivered in plastic containers along with plastic cutleries.


5. Fighting fashion fads and choosing the right cosmetics:


It’s time to stand up against fast fashion fads and make smarter and stylish choices when it comes to donning your outfits. Dig-in thrift stores because that’s the most classic way of- reducing, reusing and recycling!


Gallons of water are used to make a single tee or a pair of jeans! Think twice before jumping into bizarre fashion trends that not only last for shorter periods but also cause a big hole in your pockets. 


Do your research and switch from that animal-cruelty red lipstick to a chic vegan cosmetic! There are a variety of vegan cosmetic brands, choose your eye shadows and foundations wisely because you wouldn’t want to look hot n’ happening at the cost of another life.


While the issue of Climate Change looms large on the world, never forget to step up your sustainable game! Change starts from within and these sustainable switches are surely easier than waking up early and procrastinating?! 


About the author: Aakash Ranison is a Sustainability Advocate, Climate Change Activist, Author and Responsible Traveller.


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