5 Subtle signs that reveal if a person is feeling insecure

When people are insecure, then they feel stressed and tensed and try to calm them down and hide the insecurity. This makes them do certain gestures unknowingly which actually reveal their insecurity. Here’s how.
5 Subtle signs that reveal if a person is feeling insecure
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When people feel threatened by something then they start to feel insecure to that. It might be their weakness. But when people are feeling insecure, then they will always try to hide this feeling from others. After all, they don’t want to show their weakness.

But their certain behaviour can reveal their insecurity and they won’t even know about it. They do these gestures unknowingly, but you can see the insecurity if you give keen attention to the behaviour.

How to find a person’s insecurity?

Poor posture

Insecure people will always try to hide from others in a stressful situation. So, they will sit in a corner with a poor posture so that no one can notice them. It’s a sign of being insecure.

Leg swinging

When a person is feeling threatened then he or she will unconsciously swing their legs to lower the stress at the situation. They may do it for hiding their insecurity but it actually reveals their personality.  

Touching different objects

When we feel stressed or insecure or tensed, then our brain sends a signal to the body to calm it down. Our hands respond to the signal, as a result of which, we do quick movements and touch different objects like clothes, hair, jewellery etc. This behaviour helps us to calm us down.

Hiding hands in pocket

In some cultures, hands in the pocket are considered to be rude. And it’s also perceived as a sign of isolation. So, when someone is putting their hands in pocket, then maybe he is hiding something.

Hands or fingers on the mouth

When a person is covering his mouth with hands or fingers, then maybe he is afraid and restricting himself from expressing his opinions. The brain sends signals at this time to stop us from saying and unconsciously hands reach the mouth.

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