5 Sustainable alternatives to your everyday products that are prudent and biodegradable

The world can take it no more and sustainability is the only way forward. Here are 5 sustainable products for you to do your part to save the world.
5 Sustainable alternatives to your everyday products that are prudent and biodegradable 5 Sustainable alternatives to your everyday products that are prudent and biodegradable
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Climate change, environmental pollution and what not! The world is falling apart and we are to be blamed for it. We are continuing the way it is now our future generation won’t have anything left to live on. Sustainability is the need of the hour. It’s not just a trend to hop onto but a way of life that’s thoughtful and green. Here are 5 everyday products that you can replace and throw out those plastic made utilities. 

Cotton bag

Instead of paying that extra ten rupees for a plastic bag, get a strong cotton bag for shopping that’s reusable and recyclable too. Plastic bags are often thrown away after one-time use and causes land pollution and affects us in ways known and unknown. Let’s not contribute to that disaster and get ourselves a cloth bag.

Price: Rs 354

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Sanitary Napkins

Imagine the amount of waste segregated in the landfill due to the plastic waste of sanitary pads! This is also a major reason for frequent floods and other problems that kill humans in masses. This is a biodegradable product and is individually wrapped in disposable bags. They are chemical-free, anti-bacterial and ensures no rashes down there.

Price: Rs 235

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Biodegradable tea bags

These empty tea bags are completely manufactured using wheat fibre, thus ensuring that the safety standards are being met. Moreover, these tea bags are equipped with a subtle yet highly effective string. You can easily fill in the bags with tea powder or spices and seal them by simply pulling the string. 

Price: Rs 297

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Bamboo Brush

This is a biodegradable toothbrush made from organically grown bamboo. The charcoal-infused bristles help in better whitening and prevent foul breath, fighting plaque and bacteria for better oral health. Unlike a plastic toothbrush, your wooden toothbrush will disintegrate into the soil in a span of 6 months. With this switch, you make sure that you don’t contribute to this pile of plastic waste in the landfill anymore.



Price: Rs 251

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Plantable Seed Pencils

Every year in India thousands of trees are cut down just to make pencils from the wood. Adding up to the environmental problems. This biodegradable product minimizes net waste and the plantable feature encourages the user to think about growing instead of throwing. Once the pencil is too short to write, the seeds at the back can be grown into plants. Isn’t that so exciting?

Price: Rs 475

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