5 Table manners that people often forget to follow

Table manners are one such thing that most people don’t follow. So dine out in style and with elegance by following these 5 simple table manners.
5 Table manners that people often forget to follow
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Whether you are at a restaurant, at a get-together or even at home, following some basic table manners is what distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd and makes you look polished and sophisticated. In your love for food, there can be times when you can overlook your table manners and get carried away. 

These days, most people tend to forget their table manners. Regardless of the place, you should always follow some important table manners to dine with elegance. So here are 5 important table manners that one should always follow while eating.

1. If you are having hot soup and you cannot wait to taste it, don’t blow on it or burn your mouth by having it immediately. Instead, wait for it to cool down enough for you to have it. Blowing on your food is considered rude and inappropriate in public.

2. Whenever you want to take a sip of a beverage in between of your meal, don’t sip it with your mouth full as this can leave food stains on the rim of the glass. Once you have swallowed the food in your mouth, simply pat your lips with a napkin and then take a sip. 

3. Sure, you love the food and want to finish it all quickly. But scraping your plate or making a noise while chewing is considered impolite. So patiently and quietly enjoy your food and avoid scraping your plate to eat the very last bite. 

4. When you are holding the cutlery in one hand, keep the other hand in your lap and not in the air. When you are not eating, keep both hands in your lap and avoid fidgeting too much on the table.

5. Whenever you eat out, it is always a task to find a suitable place to keep your bag. Avoid keeping it on the table. When in a restaurant, keep the bag on your lap. While eating at someone’s place, keep it at a chair or table according to what the host suggests.

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