5 Telltale signs that you have been friend zoned

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5 Telltale signs that you have been friend zoned

It can be that you have mistaken their affection for love. You thought they liked you and wanted to take things forward, only because they come to you for every little thing and you are on their speed dial. Chances are that this is not love and not even likeability for that matter.

It is being friend-zoned. Friend-zone is a zone when you like the other person and you thought they liked you too but later find out that they only think of you as a very good friend. Your crush saying these words to you can be pretty harsh! So consider these signs if you think you are being friend-zoned before you get too attached.

They never flirt with you

They don’t ever try to flirt with you and pass off all your attempts to flirt as just being sweet and flattering.

They compliment you for being such a good friend

Whenever you come to their rescue or help them in their errands, they praise you for being a good friend and being there for them.

They discuss their crush with you

If they tell you about their crush and how his eyes light up when he smiles, chances are they are definitely friend-zoning you. 

They set you up with other people

This one’s pretty obvious. If they are telling you to go on dates and introduce you to their single friends of the opposite sex, it means they are not interested in dating you.

They are not curious

They never ask about your interests, likes or dislikes and don’t show any curiosity as to how you spend your time or towards your hobbies and passion.

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