5 things to do before sleeping for easy weight loss

2 years ago  |  2M
5 things to do before sleeping for easy weight loss

Burning extra belly fat seems to be on most youngsters’ priority list nowadays. From deciding on the right diet plan to following a fitness regime regularly, there are innumerable ways to lose weight. Weight loss is all about the number of calories you intake and burn throughout the day. Participating in vigorous activities and exercises can be exhausting.

What if you could lose weight while taking a power nap? Wouldn’t you jump at the idea? You could be doing everything else in the perfect proportion but if you’re not getting good sleep, all your efforts towards losing weight will go haywire. Here are a bunch of things you should do before going to bed to lose those extra kilos.

Refrain from eating after 8 pm

While it can depend on person to person, it is recommended not to eat at least three hours before going to bed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since most people sleep around 10 pm to 11 pm, experts ask not to eat after 8 pm. However, if you don’t sleep until 2 am or 3 am, you could push the deadline a bit.

Drink green tea before bed

It is believed that drinking a cup of green tea can boost your metabolism and help lose weight. Moreover, it can also aid in digestion or constipation. However, people must realise that green tea shouldn’t be consumed immediately after meals as it can obstruct nutrient absorption in the body. Since the drink is calorie-free, it can help cut overall calories.

Fight food cravings with good sleep

Several studies say that lack of sleep can affect your brain and make it harder for you to make healthy choices. After a night of poor sleep, people tend to go for extra dollops of dessert or fast food. If you sleep well and take ample rest, you can fight your food cravings.

Eat cottage cheese before bed

Rich in casein protein, cottage cheese is recommended by many dieticians as a small snack before going to bed. The protein helps in burning fat overnight. It helps a person maintain an active metabolism so that they wake up feeling energetic instead of starving while doing their morning activities.

Relax and meditate

Taking some time off for yourself is the key to make healthy choices. Breathe and practice meditation techniques to help keep your mind calm and stress-free. Bedtime yoga is also a great way to heal your mind and body.

Eat small meals throughout the day and take some time off the mundane activities from the day. Relax your mind before you sleep to stay fit and healthy.