5 Things you should possess to feel the vibe of SQUID GAME

Updated on Oct 24, 2021 10:15 AM IST  |  152.1K
5 Things you should possess to feel the vibe of SQUID GAME
5 Things you should possess to feel the vibe of SQUID GAME

Netflix’s most popular South Korean series Squid Game has dropped the jaws of millions with its insane plot and twists. The popularity of the series is undoubtedly revolving around children’s games and the cash-strapped players who are striving hard to taste victory. With unimaginative results and props used in every episode of the series, makes it not less than a masterpiece.

Here are 5 things that you can possess to reminisce about the characters, theme and games within the series. Now you can create the vibe of a Squid Game at home!


1. Red Green Light Game Doll Pillow

This pillow is beautifully crafted for all the Squid Game lovers in town. The washable pillow is vacuumed packed and fluffed once opened. It gives a smooth and luxurious feel with the picture of the Red Green Light Game Doll at the top. With this pillow you can never forget the first episode and the very first game of the K-drama.


Price: Rs. 1099

Deal: Rs. 339 

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2. Red Masked Guards Plush Toys

Restore the characters of Squid Game with the purchase of these Red Masked Guards Plush Toys. The red masked guards keep an eye on the players and kill them to death on the order of Front Man. These red plush toys will help you to treasure the characters of the K-drama and generate security in your room. 


Price: Rs. 5000

Deal: Rs. 2300

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3. White Ceramic Tea / Coffee Mug

Feel every vibe of the Squid Game series with the purchase of this mug. Kickstart your day by using this mug and bring a kind of security or fear into your mind. The usage of this mug might give you the zest to compete against all odds of daily life and prevent bankruptcy. Keep the Squid Game terror alive within you everyday. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 279

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4. Cosplay Masks

Engage in cosplay with these 4 masks and portray your favourite character from the series. Style it like the red guards or mask it up just like the super villain boss of the K-drama. 


Price: Rs. 5999 

Deal: Rs. 3999

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5. Squid Game Merch

Want to showcase your love for the most popular South Korean drama Squid Game? Grab this gender neutral T-shirt and sweatshirt purely made from cotton to feel the vibe of the game everyday. The correct mascots of the game printed on apparels can make you fall more in love with the K-drama.


Price: Rs. 1999

Deal: Rs. 1299

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Will you ever accept the invitation to participate in the Squid Game? Or do you want to create one at home? Pick these Squid Game themed products now and create the vibe of the series at home instantly. Make sure you don't miss any exciting element from the game.


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