5 Tips to keep in mind while playing Poker this Diwali

Poker is an essential part of Diwali celebrations. So keep these 5 tips in mind while indulging in Diwali card games this year and play to win.
5 Tips to keep in mind while playing Poker this Diwali
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Diwali is a festival of lights, it brings the family together. Family members decorate the house, make rangolis, dress up and perform the Diwali puja. However, Diwali is incomplete without poker. It is said to be auspicious to play cards on Diwali as it is said that Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity, is circulated throughout the space and everybody gets a chance to prosper.


While there are many variations when it comes to playing poker, the rules are nevertheless the same. The cards are distributed clockwise, bets are placed and the players either play or fold if they do not have good enough cards. However, there are some important things to keep in mind while playing poker, to play it like a pro.



Keep Bluffing

Even if you don’t have good enough cards with you, do not let it show on your face. Trick the other players and keep playing and betting.

It is not necessary to play every hand

If you are a newbie, don’t feel pressured to play every hand, you can skip your chance if you feel that you do not want to bet this time. 

Start from the very bottom

While placing a bet, don’t get carried away and start with a huge amount, instead start from low stakes and then make your way to higher bets depending on your cards.

Try to know the cards of other players 

No, we are not telling you to cheat. Just try and guess what kind of cards the other players might be having depending on their bets and their facial expressions.

Never be afraid to fold

We can’t stress this enough. There are a lot of times when you don’t have decent cards. Do not hesitate to fold and try your luck in the next round.

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