5 Types of stress which are beneficial

Not all stressors in life are bad. Good stressors often benefit us and are meaningful.
People,stress,types,beneficial5 Types of stress which are beneficial
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Good stressors are short-lived and positive. Positive stress helps us stay motivated, work towards our goals and feel positive. It is important to know the difference between good and bad stress. Make sure do not mistake bad stress as good, it may have a negative impact on your health.


Good stress helps you grow in three ways:

  • Emotionally – It helps you feel motivated and confident.

  • Psychologically – It helps to build self-efficacy and autonomy.

  • Physically – It helps in building our body.

5 Types of stress which are beneficial



Many of us are resistant to change. Everyone does not accept change easily and stress about it. The hurdles, complications and maintenance that come with change often stress people. For instance, promotion to a better workplace may stress the person due to new surrounding but ultimately the new workplace will benefit him. A good change may show results in the long run but might be difficult to cope up in the start. Avoid stressing about change and note down all the changes that have made a positive impact.

Being in front of an audience

This is the most common type of stress. Some individuals stress when they have to present in front of a group of people or enter a room full of superior people. Such people experience sweaty palms, fumble and lose confidence. Such stressors are good as they help you push yourself to do better and it turns out to be positive.

Falling in love

When falling in love, most people often feel stressed or have anxiety. They fear if it will really work out. This is a good stress as it helps you to make efforts to keep your relationship going. Researchers say that cortisol levels are much higher in people who are falling in love.


Traveling is a major stressor for some people. A new place, culture, language, people and food often stress travelers. This is a good stress as you are going to explore a new place and learn numerous things. However stressful it might be, it is an eye-opening experience.


Work stress

Stress at work can be both good and bad. When you are given a new project to do, you may stress but think about the benefits. It will give you an exposure to new things, learn more and leverage your capability.

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