5 Unique Christmas gift ideas to be the in house Santa Claus for your family members

Invest in these quirky, out of the box Christmas gift ideas to be the perfect Santa Claus for your loved ones this holiday season and celebrate a warm, loving and quiet Christmas at home.
5 Unique Christmas gift ideas to be the in house Santa Claus for your family members
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Christmas season has begun! With the onset of the official Christmas period, comes the toughest task of utmost importance, gift-giving. Finding the right gift for every family member can be difficult. You have to keep in mind everybody’s likes, dislikes and interests to be the perfect Santa for your loved ones.

So treat them this holiday season with their favourite gifts and make it a memorable Christmas. Ditch the cliches and make it the best Christmas for your family members by giving them the perfect gift. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Scented candles

Every day is aromatherapy day. Gift scented candles to your loved ones for them to relax and unwind and have a laid-back afternoon.


Getting out of your blanket to find food from the fridge is torture in this chilly weather. Gift them a mini-fridge for them to indulge in ultimate luxury.

DIY face masks kit

It sure is Christmas but don’t forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Give them a DIY set to make their own quirky face masks and embrace safety in style.

Pampering kit

Who doesn’t love self-pampering? Make a customised hamper by including sheet masks, facial mists, stress relief oils and a face massager to gift them an at-home spa session.


Gift some quirky, colourful stationery like diaries, pen stands and organisers to your loved ones if they are stationery-obsessed people and are always hoarding notebooks and pens.

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