5 Unique ways to celebrate Halloween amidst COVID 19 crisis

Halloween celebration will be limited this year due to the global pandemic. However, there are numerous unique ways to observe the day by maintaining social distancing.
Halloween celebration amid Coronavirus 5 Unique ways to celebrate Halloween amidst COVID 19 crisis
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Halloween is observed to remember the dead every year on October 31. People attend parties, share spooky stories with each other, play different games and pranks on their friends and give candies to kids. But due to the global pandemic, they won't be able to go anywhere this year.

But still, people can enjoy this day by being at home. Different ways are there that can be opted for to have a wonderful Halloween at home. Read below!

Ways to celebrate Halloween amid COVID 19:


It is a traditional activity where kids go door-to-door and get candies from adults. But during COVID-19, it is highly dangerous and risky. So, instead, instruct your child to find the hidden objects at home which you can hide in different places. For each object, they will get one candy. They will be safe yet can play on Halloween.

A skit on a horror story

Do a skit together with your kids at home on a horror story. You can record it also to watch in future. Get dressed in different spooky looks and play different characters.


This is the one thing that you can always do at home and be safe from the deadly virus. Indulge in home decoration with your family and do it in Halloween style. Make lanterns out of pumpkins, decorate rooms with fairy lights, prepare your costumes matching the home décor. Check some ideas on Halloween home décor hacks.

Horror movie or story

Watch a horror movie with your kids and have popcorn and candies. You can also tell them a spooky story.

Give a surprise gift

Wrap a surprise gift and put it in front of someone’s door, ring the bell and run. This surprise gift would definitely make them smile and cheer them up. It is a nice idea to spread some holiday cheer by maintaining social distancing.

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