5 Unusual pregnancy symptoms that women need to look out for

There are some uncommon symptoms of pregnancy that we often tend to overlook and miss out on. These are termed as first signs of pregnancy and are important symptoms to look out for. Let us have a look at some of these unusual pregnancy symptoms.
5 Unusual pregnancy symptoms that women need to look out for
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The most common sign of pregnancy is missing your period, your breasts getting tender and the feeling of nauseousness. Apart from these common symptoms, there are some weird and unusual signs of pregnancy that women tend to overlook. While taking a pregnancy test is the only way to be certain of pregnancy, these are a few early symptoms you might want to look out for if you want to be sure.

These symptoms may occur in the first two weeks of pregnancy, here are the uncommon signs that you need to look out for.


Vaginal discharge is common during the time of pregnancy, Although, if you experience yellowish-white discharge during the first trimester then it is possible that it is caused by hormonal fluctuations. 


You might experience a weird abdomen pain during the initial stage of pregnancy, This is because of hormonal changes that your body goes through during pregnancy. 


Feeling tired, weak and dizzy is a symptom that you should consider as a sign of pregnancy. The constant feeling of tiredness and feeling dizzy is an early symptom.


Feeling bloated and gaseous is another symptom of pregnancy that occurs in the early stage. You will experience constipation and an uneasy feeling in the stomach. It is advisable to drink lots of fluids during this period.


Acidity can be caused during the early stage of pregnancy. It is definitely a sign to look out for. This can happen if acids in your stomach flow into the esophagus.

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