5 Ways to be your own best friend

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5 Ways to be your own best friend
5 Ways to be your own best friend

Sometimes friends are not enough. Sometimes you feel as if your job, your passion, and your life, in general, are not giving you the kind of happiness you expected. This is because it is you who are responsible for your happiness and not the external factors.

If you are not happy from within, none of the external things can make you happy. At such times, being your own best friend and support system is what is needed. So here are 5 ways to become your own best friend.


Appreciate yourself

Sometimes to win the race of life, you end up being too hard on yourself. Let go of this habit and learn to appreciate yourself. Celebrate every little achievement of yours, instead of belittling it.

Be compassionate

Be compassionate with yourself just like you would with your best friend. Be at peace with yourself and don’t try to change yourself. 

Stop taking yourself so seriously

Try to find humour in the weird things that you do! Learn to laugh at yourself and stop taking yourself too seriously.


Find comfort in your own company

Be comfortable in your own company and learn to enjoy solitude. Develop a bond with yourself in these moments of solitude. Know the difference between being alone and lonely. 


Learn to accept your flaws and shortcomings. Know your strengths and weaknesses and be accepting of them, instead of being overly critical and harsh.

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