5 Ways to boost your child's confidence and build self esteem

Updated on Dec 17, 2020 04:02 PM IST  |  905K
self esteem
5 Ways to boost your child's confidence and build self esteem

Self-esteem and confidence are important in kids to tackle all the challenges and have the courage to deal with problems. It matters because self-esteem is how you value yourself, your worth and how much you believe in yourself. Kids should know that they are worthy or capable enough of coming up with new ideas and ideologies that are beneficial for society and themselves.

In order to make progress in the social spectrum of life as well as academically, confidence and self-esteem are as important as gaining knowledge from textbooks. It shapes your personality and makes you a more mature person. Kids with high self-esteem feel liked, appreciated, motivated, and confident. They are proud of their achievements and believe that they have the ability to accomplish their goals.


Here are 5 ways you can build confidence and self-esteem in your kids.

1) Encourage them by saying motivating words often. Praise your child whenever you can. Whether it is a small accomplishment like winning a race at school, uplift their mood by cheering for them and show them that you are their biggest fan.

2) Let them make their own mistakes and try not to over criticise them. Let them do their work like homework or house chores and if they make any mistakes, let them fix it on their own. This will boost confidence in them.


3) Encourage your kids to play sports. Sports teach a lot from team spirit to handling tough situations overcoming failures.

4) Let them handle competitiveness at a young age. Make sure your kids are participating in a lot of competitive games, this will teach them to handle competitiveness at an early stage as they will learn how to stay strong nonetheless without feeling defeated.

5) Be a good role model and set goals for your child that are not too difficult to accomplish. Show them that goals can be achieved if they put in the right amount of effort.

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