5 Ways to cope with the loss of a best friend

A best friend is your support system and your go-to person for every little thing. It can be a lot to take when you lose them. Deal with this loss in these 5 effective and simple ways.
5 Ways to cope with the loss of a best friend
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Sure breakups are hard but unbearable pain occurs when you have a breakup with your best friend. They get you as no one else does and know what makes you happy. They have always been there for you and your world revolves around them. Therefore, when you both aren’t friends anymore, it is too much to take.


When you both no longer talk to each other due to some misunderstandings or personal differences, it is grieving. You feel helpless and lost in this big, bad world. You no longer have a support system and feel lonely. Here are some ways to deal with this pain.

Give it time

It is extremely raw right now, but time heals everything. Give it time and allow the wounds to heal. It might seem unbearable at the moment, but eventually, you will get used to it.

Observe your emotions

Instead of suppressing your emotions, observe how you feel and acknowledge your emotions. It is okay to feel sad and nobody expects to immediately be your usual chirpy self. 

Talk it out

The best way to feel lighter about the situation is to talk it out with people. Be it your friends or your family members, express what you feel and show your vulnerable side to them. 

Meet new people

You feel this hole in your life and you want someone to fill it. So go out, meet new people and try to form connections with them to get over the loss of your best friend.

Move on

You can’t forever be stuck in your room and feel sorry for yourself. You have to eventually accept the situation and move on and live your life.

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