5 Ways to find HAPPINESS amidst a pandemic

In this hectic life and pandemic, it can be quite difficult to be happy and satisfied with life. But there are many ways to be content and happy from within regardless of the external factors.
 5 Ways to find HAPPINESS amidst a pandemic 5 Ways to find HAPPINESS amidst a pandemic
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Happiness is a vague thing. There isn’t really a set formula to be happy and content in life. Everybody feels happy for different reasons. But there is one thing common in all, we have started depending our happiness on external and materialistic factors. Be it a promotion at work or a salary raise or buying something luxurious, etc.

We often forget that it is in our hands to be happy and to live our best life. We shouldn’t link our happiness to such shallow things. With the ongoing pandemic and the lack of social interaction, it gets even more difficult to be content and happy. So, here are some tips to be happy in life and cherish what you have.


Make an effort to connect with people and build relationships with them. Talking to people and attaining new perspectives is a sure shot way to be happy and content.

Spend time in nature

There is nothing more calming and serene than nature. Take a step back from your hectic life and go out in the sun.

Let go of stress and negativity

It’s not easy, but try to get rid of the negativity and the aspects that bring out those feelings in you. Focus on the positive things that make you happy and that make your life worth living.

Work on yourself

Be it putting your needs first or spending time doing something you love, give time to yourself and work on any aspect that you feel needs attention and improvement.


Meditation allows you to soothe your nerves and calm your mind. It teaches you to focus on the little things and to take a step back and relax.

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