5 ways to set boundaries during work from home

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5 ways to set boundaries during work from home

While working from home during a pandemic is a blessing in disguise, it gets pretty difficult to maintain the work-life balance. Now that you aren’t in an office, it is very important for you to limit your work to only the office hours and not go beyond it, just like you would do in your office. Working from home doesn’t mean that you are constantly available.

There are some things to be clear about when you are working from home. It becomes very easy for the employer to go overboard and call you incessantly after working hours to get extra work done. While working from home has some perks, there is also a catch in it, which is to not get carried away and live a life too.

Here are 5 ways to set boundaries during work from home

Stick to a schedule

Wake up on time and start working on the designated time. Take a lunch break as you would usually do in an office, and take coffee breaks to keep you going, but make sure to finish your work on time within the working hours.

Take a break

In addition to the lunch and coffee breaks, take a break whenever you feel overwhelmed or when your eyes feel tired.

Convey about your working hours clearly

Be assertive about your working hours and unless absolutely essential, convey the message that you will not be working after your working hours are over.

Do not work on your day-off

With the line between work and home blending, it is very easy for you to carry over Saturday’s work on a Sunday. Celebrate your day-off and do things that you love or just relax and be in bed all day.

Wear work clothes

This doesn’t mean wearing a pant-suit or a pencil skirt, but change your bedclothes, take a shower and wear fresh but comfy clothes to be more productive and attentive during the day.

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