5 youths on how they are coping with the lockdown amid the coronavirus breakout

We spoke to a few sub-20-year-olds about their feelings, coping strategies and their understanding of the situation due to COVID-19. Here’s what they had to say
People,Coronavirus,Lockdown,quarantine stories5 youths on how they are coping with the lockdown amid the coronavirus breakout
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Following a nationwide-government mandate, India was sent into a frenzy as a lockdown was announced to combat the advancement of the novel coronavirus. A lot of us were already practising social distancing and were self quarantined a little before, this mandate brought the country to a startling halt. With some brickbats and bouquets, this decision has been abided by most citizens diligently. 

We spoke to a few young people between the age of 20-30 to gauge their views on the lockdown and how they are coping with this new way of life and work. 

Tejal Naruka, 23, Indore

Tejal like a lot of young people in the country came to Mumbai from her hometown to pursue her career as a textile designer. Getting used to a life alone was hard, but she was getting used to it. As soon as the lockdown was announced, she headed back home to be with her family. This is her story.

“A textile designer by profession, I live in Mumbai for the most part of the year. With a little apartment in Prabhadevi, I was just getting accustomed to living on my own. From laundry to cooking and the dreadful local train travel, life was a bit difficult after work since I was doing things on my own. Everything started to go downhill when the lockdown was announced while I was alone in the city with nowhere to go but to a small apartment with barely any friends around. So, I picked up my bags and headed back home to Indore. 

Believe it or not, I live in a family of 15 people so it’s a different experience altogether. Now, considering the family size and the shortage of protective gear, we got into our thrifty mode and decided to take matters in our own hands. Making masks was our priority and my grandfather and I got to work! With custom-made ones that perfectly fit the kids in our house, making masks was a fulfilling task. Once our colony neighbours came to know about our little DIY project, they were very persistent on getting one made for themselves!

While we make masks as a team, I also work from home which usually includes me coming up with new designs most part of the day. The rest of the time I’m helping my mother and aunts in the kitchen because, let’s be honest - feeding a family of 15 is not an easy task considering the lockdown!”

Aparna Deb, 25, Lucknow

A journalist with a leading news website, who is used to being at the helm of breaking news, working from home came as a rude shock for Aparna. But she decided to look on the bright side. Here’s what she had to say.

“I always thought that working in pajamas would be fun. But, it isn't, especially, when you are dealing with a breaking news situation and your mother is only concerned about dinner. On the brighter side though, I'm getting to stay with my family back in Lucknow. I've been away from home for 7 years now and I never thought that I'll get to stay home for such a long time.

Also, I'm utilising this time to read, cook and connect with my old friends. Yes, this is the little time that I get after reporting about the 'Bloodbath at Dalal Street, Sensex losses 1000 something points' kinda situation.

Kuljyoti Dhingra, 25, Delhi

Another 25-year old who is just embracing carpe diem as a motto in the midst of this lockdown. Looking on the bright side seems like the call of the hour.

“When everyone is complaining about quarantine, I think I am the only one who is making the best out of this period.  I have completed so many pending projects that were on hold for so long. I am trying new recipes, shooting new videos every single day, experimenting with the content that I upload which consumes a lot of time but I am quite happy with the change. I am reading books, making food, consuming content and having the best time of my life.”

Sarvesh Kashelikar, 27, Nagpur

A developer by profession, Sarvesh has just taken all of the self-help videos and imbibed him into his lifestyle post-lockdown. He has a routine, he works out and he cooks and cleans. Here’s a look-see into his life. 

“Being a developer, the shift was not that difficult for me. The routine is running back by a couple of hours though. Now I wake up by 9 without any alarms. The morning gym is now replaced by an at-home workout followed by some YouTube videos on TV. I try to keep myself away from the COVID - 19news, as there isn't much we can do about it. 

The working hours are spent with my laptop and Kishore Kumar / Mohammad Rafi songs in the background. And I have a habit of taking mini-breaks during work to maintain my efficiency. That time is now being utilised by reading the books which were just kept in the cabinet for a few months now. Evenings, I spend talking with friends, as we cannot step out for our usual hangouts. All my life, I have watched intense TV series. But since the lockdown, I am watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S (yes, for the first time) to keep it light. And after some more reading, I go to bed at around 2 in the night.

I hope we come out of this as better individuals by learning a lot about ourselves. It's good that we are realising what is really important in life, the people, the little moments of happiness and that we are treasuring these things more than anything right now. Because, if we come out the same, it would be a wasted opportunity.”

Vishal Gajra, 29, Mumbai

Businessman Gajra supports the mandate wholeheartedly and implores everyone to take it as seriously as he is currently. He has his schedule in place, and he also has ways to hang out with his friends without ACTUALLY hanging out. Here’s his take. 

"I have always been a fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So, I am strictly following self-quarantine rules. I feel like lockdown is something which we have to take extremely seriously. Since the lockdown, my morning routine has changed a bit but it's fun as I am spending more time with my niece.  Being a workaholic and a regular gym goer, it has been really tough for me to stay home but I have found a way out by helping my wife out with the cooking and household chores. 

I keep myself busy with these home activities and by playing indoor games with my family. It has also made me go back to my childhood days. After all this, I keep some time for my workout at home. Since we cannot go out and meet friends, we are just catching up on a video call or on WhatsApp, Instagram, and other apps. And now I have already started a list of stuff that I need to catch up on when it's all over."

Different people, different perspectives but one thing is common - they all want to help out. Social distancing and self isolation is the only way to slow down the ascension of coronavirus and it is refreshing to see the youth not just following this new mandate to the T but also seeing them finding creative ways to maintain their health, their sanity and take care of their loved ones and community is refreshing. 

Let us know what you are doing during this lockdown. How are YOU coping?

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