5 Zodiac signs who always want to be the centre of attention

Updated on Jun 24, 2020 07:22 AM IST  |  13.6M
5 Zodiac signs who always want to be the centre of attention
5 Zodiac signs who always want to be the centre of attention

Everyone wants to have some kind of attention to get their ego boosted. But some people are there who cannot stay one moment without the spotlight. They always crave attention and will manage somehow to get that from others. They want to feel loved, pampered and praised always and this is a key to keep them happy in a relationship as well.

Are you one of those who seeks attention always? Well, this can be predicted by astrology. Your zodiac traits will tell whether you are attention-seeker or not. And according to astrology, there are 5 star signs who like to be in the spotlight always.

Attention seeking sun signs as per astrology.

Aires people are super confident and smart which makes it easy for them to get spotted easily. They really don’t seek attention but know it very well that they have all the attention of everyone in the room. You may not like Aries but can easily spot them.

Gemini people think they need all attention because they are worth it. These people have the most exciting stories to tell people to make a get together extra fun. So, they deserve all attention and they will let you when it’s not enough.

Leo is the attention king/queen and they are also very dramatic. They crave all of the attention from people and will somehow manage to get it at any purpose. They will make you pay attention to them by doing anything even if this includes creating an embarrassing scene.

Scorpions won’t actively seek attention but they know how to get it when needed. They just want to be sure that they are in your mind. But you cannot ignore them entirely. You may have mixed feelings about this sign but they will be on your mind anyhow.

These people always seek attention because of their extraverted personality. They are popular and can easily attract people to them. Their exciting life will get everyone talking about them only. They are fun-loving persons and want attention to stay popular.

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Anonymous : I'm just surprised that us Libras aren't included cuz many people say we're attention seekers lol
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Anonymous : Aries is natural of being center of attraction. Because they don't have to, just only by achievement, rewards, and attitude, they are center of attraction.
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Anonymous : So true
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