5 Zodiac signs who are the BIGGEST drama queens according to the astrological charts

In astrology, people from 5 zodiac signs are the biggest drama queens. They are over-expressive and like to exaggerate everything.
5 Zodiac signs who are the BIGGEST drama queens according to the astrological charts
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Astrology has shown people from 5 zodiac signs with highly expressive personalities are extremely dramatic in nature. They like to exaggerate a lot and that’s their normal way of expressing things. They are born drama queens and they just can't help but be dramatic! 

Their over-the-top behaviour easily catches other’s attention and makes them aware of the drama. So, here are the 5 zodiac signs who are the biggest drama queens. 

Zodiac signs who are the biggest drama queens:


Leos will always be at the top of this chart. They like to draw all the attention from others and be in the centre of it. So, creating some big drama is an easy way for them to be in the spotlight. But that’s not harmful to others, they just like to express things on a grand scale. 


These are over-expressive people. So, they don’t really create drama to get attention, it’s just their natural way of reacting. Whatever they do, they will do it with lots of exaggeration. 


Scorpions are over dramatic when they are angry. They are passionate and intense people who will transform with their actions and words in anger. They won’t let things go away very easily without digging deep into it. 


Virgos get the drama-queen tag because of their fussy nature. They always try to be and make things perfect which often leads to a great amount of drama. They always try to be the perfectionist but this makes them a drama queen at the same time. 


Cancerians are overly emotional and sensitive and that’s why they are considered drama queens. They often create drama about their health issues. They will go over the top to make it look like a big wound, while it is actually just a small cut.

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

I'm a cancer and every time I get a cut, I dont make a big deal. I just cure myself thats basically it, and I don't like a lot of attention on me when I get hurt. I don't think ALL cancers act the same when it comes to injuries.

Anonymous 1 month ago

My little sister is a cancer and 1 slight pinch she would run to my dad to tell on me lol

Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm a Taurus ♉ and I am THE drama queen in my friend group

Anonymous 2 months ago

Cancer give so much and often get emotionally worn out. So a slight injury becomes a way to get that attention for TLC.

Anonymous 2 months ago

In my opinion scorpios & pieces, worst signs & terrible drama queens

Anonymous 2 months ago

OMG so true. I'm a Leo and I tend to make everything dramatic.