5 Zodiac signs who are WISE beyond their age & the best people to go to when you need advice

Nobody is born with wisdom, each person just grows into it. So, here are 5 of the wisest signs who are the best to go to advise for. Check it out
5 Zodiac signs who are WISE beyond their age & the best people to go to when you need advice 5 Zodiac signs who are WISE beyond their age & best to go to when you need advice
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From the time we are young, it is our ability to look at the world and learn new things that make us wise. Nobody is born with wisdom, it is your life experiences that makes you wiser than others. Not just life experiences but the kind of person you are also makes a lot of difference in the level of maturity you have. You need to keep your own ego aside and learn life lessons to gain wisdom. 

Now, just by learning life lessons, one cannot gain wisdom. Wise people often share their wisdom with others and believe that knowledge is a useful tool that has to be shared with others. They are good at giving advice because they have good judgement and are cautious of their surroundings. So, here are 5 Zodiac signs who are wise beyond their age & best to go to when you need advice.



Wisdom comes from caring for others. Pisces is one such compassionate sign who will drop everything when you go to them for advice. They are always there for people who need them. They are old souls and have a lot of strength to help people who are going through tough times. 


Leos are very wise and loyal to their people, after all, they resemble lions who is the king of the jungle. They have an innate sense of right and wrong. As much as they love giving advice to people, they also love taking them. They know what advice to keep and what to throw which makes them wiser.



Taureans are very thoughtful people. They somehow get to know that something is wrong and always trust their instincts. They always have a lot of patience which serves them well in difficult times. 


Virgo is someone who likes to keep himself updated with the times. They are always learning which is why they are always learning new things about themselves and others. They are not just knowledgeable like others, they know even the smallest things that go deep down and transforms lives. They go deep down and repair things that are unrepairable which is why they are always the go-to people for advice.



Libras can sometimes feel superficial which is why people might refrain from going to them for advice. But, in reality they are the most logical and wise people you’ll ever meet. They’re good at looking at both the sides of a situation which is why they can give the perfect advice without disappointing anyone. 

Who according to you is the wisest Zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments section below.

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My Sun Moon & Ascendant sign are Taurus, Pisces & Leo. No wonder I get asked for advice a lot!

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