5 Zodiac signs who LOVE makeup

Makeup is much more than a frivolous thing. It gives people a sense of security, confidence and does wonders for their self-esteem. Here are 5 zodiac signs who absolutely love makeup.
5 Zodiac signs who LOVE makeup
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All it takes is a little makeup to get you ready to face the world head-on. Makeup is an underrated thing, it not only makes you look good but also feel good. You feel glamorous, stylish and ready to take on the world!

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a shallow and frivolous thing and can do wonders to someone’s self-confidence! So here are 5 zodiac signs who love makeup.


Taureans love all things glam and luxurious, so it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that they absolutely adore makeup and are willing to watch tutorials to master the art!


For Cancerians, makeup is like their warpaint to face the world! They feel secure, confident and ready to face all their problems. While applying makeup, they usually opt for natural and soft shades instead of loud or experimental ones. 


Talk about looking good and Leos are at the top of the list. They are used to being the centre of attention and it only seems fair that they want to look their very best since they are always in the spotlight.


When it comes to makeup, Aquarians are all for trying out new and bold things like bright red lipsticks, smokey eyes and contouring. They are innovative and creative at heart and are always up to date with all the makeup trends.


Pisces-born people are creative and artistic people. For them, makeup is like face paint with which they can experiment to their heart’s content and can let their creative juices flow!

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I'm an Aquarius and I don't like make up :/

Anonymous 2 months ago

As a Leo I do not love make up

Anonymous 2 months ago

Well I am a leo and I love makeup but not a lot

Anonymous 2 months ago

i love make up but iam not in there

Anonymous 2 months ago

I am a Gemini and I love make up,but not too much

Anonymous 2 months ago

You forgot Capricorn, I love my make-up!

Anonymous 2 months ago

I am a cancerian and I dont think I need any makeup to face the world..... yeah where u add the application of light shades, it can be a sorta true for some of us... but for me...... I HATE MAKEUP.....

Anonymous 2 months ago

Leo staatniet in het middelpunt van de belangstelling,hebzeer lange tijd een leo gekend, wel zelfzeker en humor.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I agree little makeup makes me confident

Anonymous 2 months ago

Mee too not appluing make up but I hardly put small and simple makeup