5 Zodiac Signs who Prefer a Live In Relationship over Marriage

Here are several zodiac signs that encourage live-in relationships over a marriage.

Published on Nov 29, 2022   |  06:18 PM IST  |  206.9K
Zodiac Signs who Prefer a Live In Relationship over Marriage
Zodiac Signs who Prefer a Live In Relationship over Marriage

Can you inform your parents that you are choosing a live-in relationship rather than getting married? While the concept may surprise some people, it may not bother the others. Due to the lack of time restrictions, zodiac signs who prefer live-in relationships over marriage might enjoy spending so much time together than they would in a wedlock. This allows them to enjoy their lives in a passionate way with their partner without having to deal with any potential future sentiments of resentment and hurt brought on by a possible betrayal. No wonder, living together does not guarantee that these zodiacs' relationship with their partner gets stronger; it may work opposite ways. However, it allows them the space they need to really appreciate one another.

Check out these 5 zodiac signs who prefer a live-in relationship over a marriage.


Pisceans want to move slowly. They prefer living together rather than getting married because they are naturally vulnerable and emotional and are terrified of having their small hearts shattered. Their doubts will be addressed by a live-in relationship, enabling them to make the best choice regarding the partner. Pisces needs a lot of certainty, affection, and care before committing to anything significant, and the zodiac sign naturally returns the same.


A Taurus may take some time to build up to a first hug and then make the relationship official before they finally get married because they can be slow to begin when pursuing the same. They ultimately decide to choose a live-in relationship over marriage because they want to place more value on the here and now by prioritizing their freedom and independence. Since they frequently experience relationship insecurities, they seek to understand their partner's expectations prior to getting married.

Zodiac Signs who Prefer a Live In Relationship over Marriage


For Virgo, marriage is the farthest thing from their minds, let alone dating. Before they ever acquire a hint of their actual affections for their partner, it can often even take months. Therefore, the zodiac signs always favor cohabitation over marriage. Before they are prepared to fully commit to a marriage, they need to evaluate, collect, and second-guess every part of how they perceive the individual they are dating. This practical sign ends up becoming a stable, balanced, and individualistic live-in partner.


Capricorns take their time falling in love and will only explore a relationship with someone who has the potential for a long-term commitment. And so, they do think about living together rather than getting married to their partner in the present. It might equally be challenging for their partner to be on the same page at the beginning of their relationship because Capricorns take live-in extremely seriously and may be looking for permanence right away. Before getting married, they are testing the relationship; they only take the plunge if everything goes smoothly.


Aquarius sign natives are not great choices for marriage since they tend to be a little too self-absorbed. They choose a live-in relationship over marriage since it takes them years to develop a special bond with the special someone in their lives. They see getting married as a lure that might take away all of their freedom. They simply want to go about things their way and require a partner that is OK with it. They believe getting married will make their romantic life dormant.

The aforementioned zodiac signs choose to be in live-in relationships over marriage and accept their connection with complete honesty and tranquility. Just like everyone has the right to choose their set of connections and make them work on their own terms.

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