6 Art & craft products for your kids who can’t focus on one thing at a time

Updated on Sep 25, 2021 03:32 AM IST  |  77.7K
6 Art & craft products for your kids who can’t focus on one thing at a time
6 Art & craft products for your kids who can’t focus on one thing at a time

Maintaining kids is never an easy task. With WFH being the current norm, balancing work and life has come to a state of pell-mell and the kids attending digital schools have lost interest in everything within twelve seconds of knowing or playing with it. To keep these bored kids busy at home and also to put their creative lobe into exercise, here are 6 art and craft products that’ll grab their attention and will instantly make them want to do something exciting with it. Scroll on and start shopping and gift your kids these fun products as useful surprises that they never thought of.


Embroidery Kit

This child-friendly stitch kit game box can help to develop hand to eye coordination, shape and colour recognition, as well as encourage cooperative behaviour, patience and creativity of your child.


Price: Rs 449

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Glass Painting

One can’t nail a perfect glass painting without mastering the art of patience and focus. It’s also very thrilling and keeps your child’s brain busy throughout the day.


Price: Rs 359

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Yarn Wrapping Craft Kit

Take craft to the next level with this relaxing art set that lets your child explore, imagine, create and learn through creative play.


Price: Rs 649

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Sequin Sand Art Set

If your child is bored of those jumbo colouring books and drawing things, this set will be of great distraction from boredom. These simple art and craft activities are great in developing the child’s concentration and patience. They channelise the energy levels, especially for hyperactive children.


Price: Rs 275

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Pot Painting

This set comes with three terracotta pots which your child can use to paint and decorate and can be used as a home decor item later.


Price: Rs 539

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Finger Painting

With a child-safe paint palette and easy and basic pictures to colour, your kids can explore the world of art with their sensory perks and develop their creative skills with this set.


Price: Rs 389

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Developing an interest in the creative side of life indulging in an art and craft basis is important in the early stages of life to improve the thought process, focus and other cerebral activities of your child.

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