6 Common behavioural problems in dogs and how to deal with them

When some common behaviour starts to occur excessively in your dog, then it becomes problematic. So, read below to know the common behavioural problems in dogs and how to fix them with proper training.
6 Common behavioural problems in dogs and how to deal with them
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If you are a dog parent, then you can understand what it takes to care of him or her properly. You have to give them the right diet plan, take them to vet visits for health issues, give intense training, etc. You might have also realised that dogs can behave in a different way sometimes.

It is known as behavioural problems in the dog. Those problems are generally barking, chewing, digging, begging, etc. Before taking any serious step, you need to understand that behaviour. So, here are some common behavioural problems in dogs and how to get rid of them.

Behavioural problems in dogs:


Generally, dogs bark, howl and whine. Bit excess barking is considered to be a behavioural issue. Underlying causes of this excess barking can be giving a warning, excitement, attention-seeking, boredom, anxiety and responding to other dogs. Control the barking with proper bark and quite commands. You can also talk to the vet about it.


This is also their normal nature but if this causes a problem to you, then encourage them to chew on the right things by providing him with proper chew toys.


This can be frustrating if your dog continues to dig in your garden frequently. So, first, try to know the reason and then engage him more in exercises and training. Keep him busy by playing different things with him as well.


If your dog is begging to eat any food that you are having then it’s a bad sign. Never give them everything that they want as this can cause digestive problems in your furry friend. You can only give them those foods that are allowed. So, tell them to go to their place before having the food so that they don't stare at you.


This shows the predatory instinct of a dog. But this chasing can be devastating if not controlled on time. So, keep them in a leash especially when you are out with your dog. Train your dog to come back when you call them. Keep a whistle in hand to get his attention while he is chasing. They might also get triggered by joggers.


Dogs will always jump to greet, seek attention and for appreciation from us. So, you have to be delicate with this training otherwise this will send the wrong message to them. So, the best way to stop it is to turn around or ignore your dog while jumping. Do not make eye contact, speak or touch him. When he relaxes, give him cuddle in a calm manner.

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